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 Erein, 70 lev Paladin Tank [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Erein, 70 lev Paladin Tank [Accepted]   Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:51 pm

Character Name: Erein
Class: Paladin
Level: 70

What is your current gear like?

My tanking gear is MH ready, I can probably tank some bosses in BT too.

Please explain your choice of gear, gems and enchants and how this benefits you.
I'm mostly after stamina heavy gear, my aim is to hit 17k unbuffed hp, which isn't that hard in a MH/BT guild. If I have epic gem drops from heroics I don't hesitate to use them (assuming they fit the gem slot and give socket bonus), otherwise, I use Stamina gems.

Spec: (Give us both numbers and a link to your talent trees):

Please explain the reason for your choice of talents: My talensts are pure tanking with the exception of Spell Warding (%4 spell damage reduction). Those points I have spent in improved JoC which is quite helpful in the absence of a Retri paladin, and also SoC which is good when I'm not tanking.

Tradeskills & Levels: 375 Mining / 358 Engineering
Do you own any rare recipes? No I don't, powerlevelled.

Is there someone that can Vouch for you? Well, since this is a newly formed guild I, I don't know your roster. But pretty much any person that has partied with me before in heroics or raids liked me and my skills. I've been away for some time too, that's another reason I dont know anyone.

What is your previous raiding experience (both Azeroth raiding and Outland raiding) with this character? Up to Naxx pre-TBC. Up to Brutallus in SWP on my Warlock on Sporeggar. Then I got bored of my Warlock.

Have you been in any other previous guilds?
Name them. Best ones are Anima and Enigma pre-TBC. Other than that, I've been in Them, Earth Wind and Firewater and some others not worth mentioning.
If yes, why did you leave? Mostly they disbanded or transferred.

Do you have any Shadow Resistance gear? No.
If not, are you willing to farm materials? Sure. Except HoD's tho Smile

Our raids all start at 20.00 server time and last until 23.00-24.00, with 2-4 raids a week. We mostly raid every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and will expect more than 70% attendance during your trial.
Will you be able to make this? Sure thing.

In your own words, tell us who you are and why you would like to join us? Actually, I don't know much about your guild. But I got a mail from someone in your guild (maybe GL, I haven't checked) saying that he formed a new guild. And I like newly formed guilds. Especially if they have the ranks to pursue a successful raiding career. Also I wanna tank MH/BT where I played a warlock before.

Personal info:
Name: Eren
Age: 22
Nationality: Turkey
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PostSubject: Re: Erein, 70 lev Paladin Tank [Accepted]   Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:27 pm

Nice written application. Yea it was me who've sended you invitation mail. Smile
Your gear meet our expectations and you look like a serious and mature player with good experience.
We need good and active tanks and paladin one is great for MH etc.

Right now i'm at work, but around 5 p.m i will be in the game so whissper me for invite to our guild or other officers (protectors) if avaialble.

I was also in Enigma guild before TBC with my holy priest.

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PostSubject: Re: Erein, 70 lev Paladin Tank [Accepted]   Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:32 pm

its look rly OK, i remember enigma guild, my mage been there but not too long
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PostSubject: Re: Erein, 70 lev Paladin Tank [Accepted]   Tue Aug 19, 2008 3:02 pm

Hym.. my opinion... Rooxxx Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Erein, 70 lev Paladin Tank [Accepted]   

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Erein, 70 lev Paladin Tank [Accepted]
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