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 Traxern, 70 lev, resto shammy [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Traxern, 70 lev, resto shammy [Accepted]   Sat Sep 13, 2008 8:12 pm

Character Name:Tråxern
Class: Shaman (resto)
Level: 70

What is your current gear like? Full purples
Link to your Armory:

Please explain your choice of gear, gems and enchants and how this benefits you. My choice of gear is healing for Restoration. Im using(will use on better items) spellhaste/healing gems in the sockets i can, cause id like to improve my spellhaste aswell with healing. Enchants is mostly healing and mp5 enchants, and ofc the epic oneleggs.

Spec: (Give us both numbers and a link to your talent trees) 0/5/47
Please explain the reason for your choice of talents: I like the 5 talents in enhancement for 5% more mana, rest in resto tree.

Tradeskills & Levels: JC and mining full
Do you own any rare recipes? Most Hyjal designs for jc

Is there someone that can Vouch for you? mabye

What is your previous raiding experience (both Azeroth raiding and Outland raiding) with this character? This Character has done: karazhan, gruul, mount hyjal(up to kaz`rogal), black temple(Gurtogg and RoS).
Other charrs: full kara, gruul, maggy, hyjal, bt(up to illidan)

Have you been in any other previous guilds? None on shaman, anly my own guild with some friends
Name them. Brutals
If yes, why did you leave? raiding
Explain in detail.want to be an active raider with nice and focused people.

Do you have any Shadow Resistance gear? I have farmed all SR mats for the gear, but need it crafted.

Our raids all start at 20.00 server time and last until 23.00-24.00, with 2-4 raids a week. We mostly raid every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and will expect more than 70% attendance during your trial.
Will you be able to make this? Yes

In your own words, tell us who you are and why you would like to join us?

Personal info:
Age: 17
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PostSubject: link   Sat Sep 13, 2008 8:24 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Traxern, 70 lev, resto shammy [Accepted]   Sat Sep 13, 2008 8:26 pm

Ok your gear is good enough and if you will be active like you assure us, you will improve in no time.
Accepted on trial.
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PostSubject: Re: Traxern, 70 lev, resto shammy [Accepted]   

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Traxern, 70 lev, resto shammy [Accepted]
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