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 Aciada, 70 lev hunter (bm) [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Aciada, 70 lev hunter (bm) [Accepted]   Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:50 pm

Character Name:Aciada

What is your current gear like?

Please explain your choice of gear, gems and enchants and how this benefits you.
at the moment im working towards epic gems and am on my way to my boj legs, but i dont think that in my current guild i am likely to progress much further in terms of gear gained from raiding.

Spec: 42/19/0
Please explain the reason for your choice of talents: i chose my talents in order to optimize my dps at the cost of the ability to readily revive my pet in combat. although im thinking of changing my spec around a few points to accomadate healing my pet thats the basis of my talent tree.

Tradeskills & Levels:leatherworking-286 skining- 315
Do you own any rare recipes? yes i have a few but obviously i cant use them yet.

Is there someone that can Vouch for you? i dont know the guild list but (even though hes on trial) iracus knows me so can give a rough guide of how i am.

What is your previous raiding experience (both Azeroth raiding and Outland raiding) with this character? MC,ZG, KA, first 4 bosses of ZA, gruuls lair, magtheredon, AQ 20, beginning of nax, beginning of TK.

Have you been in any other previous guilds?
Decentants of lore

i left because i think the guild is starting to grind to a halt in terms of raiding now and hasnt got the geared members or the organisation to go any further in my opinion. the people were wonderful and fun but if im to progress i think i need a new start.

Do you have any Shadow Resistance gear? no
If so, what's your SR?
If not, are you willing to farm materials? if needed yes

Our raids all start at 20.00 server time and last until 23.00-24.00, with 2-4 raids a week. We mostly raid every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and will expect more than 70% attendance during your trial.
Will you be able to make this? yes thats fine for me as im used to those sorts of timings anyway.

In your own words, tell us who you are and why you would like to join us?
my real name is adam and id like to join the guild as id like to progress far into raiding and i have seen your members about and think that your guild has a good reputation, and id like to have a laugh with some new people. as far as the game goes i dont have the best gear just yet but im definately working hard on it and i feel that my dps is very good i think.

Personal info:
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PostSubject: Re: Aciada, 70 lev hunter (bm) [Accepted]   Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:31 pm

Accepted on trail.
Whissper me or other protectors (Delgrimmar, Lucios, Noratar, Aurok) for invite to our guild.
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Aciada, 70 lev hunter (bm) [Accepted]
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