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 Bank Deposists and Requests Rules and Prices!

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PostSubject: Bank Deposists and Requests Rules and Prices!   Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:34 am

Our bank is for our people, everything what is in it, belongs to all of us.

(what bank accepts)

- all herbs after BC + Golden Sansan.
- elixirs, pots, flasks, good quality food.
- mats for the best enchants.
- primals.
- world epics, and unique recipes.
- good quality gems.
- items for Scyres/Aldor reputation
- gold.

Place Your gifts in:
Raid Supplies Tab
Raiders can withdraw 1 raid supply per day for raids.
Please do not take more then 5x of any kind of supply.


- bank will sponsor free enchants and gems for best quality items (ONLY FOR MAIN CHARACTERS)
- all bank requests should be written on bank forum in topic called "Requests from Guild Bank". (ONLY FOR MAIN CHARACTERS)

You can buy for a good price, unique items from our bank for your main character.
You must make and request on forum and explain in details why you want to buy it.
Prices for some items from TAB1 (Golden Chest):
Mark Of Illidari
- 15G
Nether Vortex - 150G

Primal Nether - 20G
Primal Mana/Fire/Shadow/Water/Air/Life - 15G
Primal Earth - 5G
Heart Of Darkness - 350G
Golden Spellthred - 150G
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Bank Deposists and Requests Rules and Prices!
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