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 Getting Into 25 Man Raid

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PostSubject: Getting Into 25 Man Raid   Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:34 pm

General Info for 25 man Raids:
There are raid signigs and if you want to get into the raid, you must sign on our forum.
All members must be online at 19.45 server time, ready for invite and well prepared for raid.

Raid hours - 20.00 - 23.30

ZA and KZ can be done on Mondays, fridays or saturdays.

Invite method:
Raid Leader will invite signed people for the raid and then will setup proper raid group.
If there will be more people then slots available, they will stay in G6 and G7 on backup and rotation basket.
They will be asked if they want to stay online ready in any time for invitation to the raid.
Also when the raid will kill a boss, people on back up will recive half amount of dkp for the kill.
People on back up also should check what kind of items they need from bosses and in proper time should inform RL about it, so they will be able to jump into raid for specific epic.
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Getting Into 25 Man Raid
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