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 Recruitment Criteria

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PostSubject: Recruitment Criteria   Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:13 am

Being able to attend 70% of raids minimum
(100% preferred) at 8:00 PM CET start time, finishing around 23:30 AM 4 days a week.
to farm, purchase or conjure up consumables for raiding - this includes flasks, foods, elixirs, potions and anything else that is required for you to get every little bit of performance out of your class.
You'll be expected to use these consumables on all progression raids, and at least mana/health potions on high tier farm raids.
Decent raiding experience.
You should document this in your application in detail. We're about as cutting-edge as it gets on this server, so we expect you to have at least some raiding experience.
Furthermore, we don't explain the details of fights to recruits: you're expected to read the strategies for every boss you'll be attempting - this includes progression attempts.
A high gear standard -
Although we don't require insane gear, we expect the very best that you can get your hands on at your experience level.
We expect full enchants specific to your class, and with the vendor open, epic gems in every slot.
Tier 6 or equivalent is a very big plus.
Potential to learn -
learn your class and learn raid encounters.
We expect an effort to be made to study raiding strategies at the very least the night before the attempts.
You shouldn't need to be spoon-fed.
You need to be able to pay attention
for a significant amount of time.
Raids last a while but require 100% concentration throughout.
Don't make us repeat ourselves: turn off that TV and listen.
You must have the commitment to stick to the class and role you are recruited as.
If you're recruited as a healer, it is absolutely impossible for you to respec into DPS down the line. You're expected to stay as what you are recruited as for as long as you're in the guild.
If you think you don't have the commitment to do so, don't apply.

Don't apply if:
You have no self confidence.
If you're annoying.
You're a loot whore.
You're a drama queen.
You have no idea how to play your class.
You will shit up our guild chat.
You have applied for other guilds.
You have a sinister history to hide.
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Recruitment Criteria
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