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 Jozua 70 Affliction Warlock [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Jozua 70 Affliction Warlock [Accepted]   Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:15 pm

Character Name: Jozua
Class: Warlock
Level: 70

What is your current gear like? Full epic
Link to your Armory.

Please explain your choice of gear, gems and enchants and how this benefits you. At the moment i have mostly spell damage sockets and enchants, also some intellect.

Spec: 41/0/17
Please explain the reason for your choice of talents: I love Dots ^^

Tradeskills & Levels: 375 Enchanting / 375 Tailoring.
Do you own any rare recipes? Nope.

Is there someone that can Vouch for you? Nope.

What is your previous raiding experience (both Azeroth raiding and Outland raiding) with this character? I've raided Karazhan, Zul'aman, Gruul's lair, Tempest keep, SSC, Mount Hyjal and fyrst boss of BT attempt.

Have you been in any other previous guilds?
Name them. Direct Defiance
If yes, why did you leave?
Explain in detail. Got kicked because my subscription ran out and i had some IRL money issues at the time.

Do you have any Shadow Resistance gear? Nope.
If so, what's your SR?
If not, are you willing to farm materials? I sure am.

Our raids all start at 20.00 server time and last until 23.00-24.00, with 2-4 raids a week. We mostly raid every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and will expect more than 70% attendance during your trial.
Will you be able to make this? Yes.

In your own words, tell us who you are and why you would like to join us? I think you could make some serious progress.

Personal info:
Name: Hákon
Age: 16
Nationality: Iceland
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PostSubject: Re: Jozua 70 Affliction Warlock [Accepted]   Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:34 am

Your gear is alright for the start.
Just few enchants missing (head, cloak, chest), also wrists could use better one like +15 spell dmg.

I will invite you for a trial to our guild, just fix those enchants to do max dps.

Whissper me in the game or one of the Protectors (Dynx, Noratar, Volen, Aurok).
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Jozua 70 Affliction Warlock [Accepted]
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